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KALI TRIBUNE Dreamers of the Gay: Race, Theology and Political Sorcery

Richard Spencer, an acclaimed leader of the Alt Right movement, proposed not long ago a need for "political theology". Well, we'd like to correct him just a bit: he in fact proposed a need for political sorcery.

In this video we'll analyze his speech from last year's NPI conference "Become who we are" to provide some insights in this respect. As Spencer is prone to give only vague cues as to real ideas underlying the mentality he wishes to create in his followers, we'll flush out some of them.
In advance, let us just say that if you are of the traditional religious and metaphysical mentality, then you'll find them as nourishing as a bullet between your eyes.

Iranian Politics, Dugin's Fascist Infiltration, and Plants as Teachers of humanity

Eric Draitser of Stop Imperialism.Org chats with independent scholar and teacher Wahid Azal about the current Iranian political scene, the proliferation of Aleksandr #Dugin's fascist ideology, and the role of psychoactive plants in spiritual practice and the evolution of humanity. The conversation begins with a detailed examination of Iranian politics ahead of all-important elections, with specific attention to both domestic politics and Iran's foreign policy and geostrategic imperatives. Eric and Wahid explore the #Iran-#Russia relationship, questioning whether they are friends, enemies, both? From there, they explore influential Russian fascist philosopher Aleksandr Dugin's geopolitical vision, and how "Eurasianism" fits into the Kremlin's agenda.
The second half of the show, Eric and Wahid focus on Sufi mysticism, the role of psychoactive plants in developing spiritual awakening. Wahid recounts his experiences and what led him to found the Fatimiya #Sufi order. Eric and Wahid touch on everything from #ayahuasca and the preponderance of psychoactive plants in the deserts of the Middle East to the potential role they may have played in the foundation of all religions. So much ground covered in this wide-ranging conversation. Don't miss it!
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Swampy Common Ground: When Demagogues Speak Truth to Power

In this video we demonstrate how Trump’s “drain the swamp” punch line punched the lights out of two demagogues.

We analyze portions of the interview with Alexander Dugin by Alex Jones and Dugin’s on the fly explanation of Trump’s “failure” to “drain the swamp”. The obvious conclusion is that when you find common ground to be swampy, you’re about to lose it quickly.
Further, we point out that Dugin is promoting a peculiar kind of Globalism and demonstrate how he manipulates the Western alt media consumers into assimilating his own worldview.

The "Geopolitical Orthodox"

Geopolitical Orthodox: Western Orthodox Christian, newly converted, cites Patristics a lot, mercilessly hunts down heresies which are found everywhere except in the works of the Geopolitical Santa Claus.

 "The Geopolitical Orthodox"

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Pocket Eurasian Dictionary

See original post at Kali Tribune

Geopolitics this, geopolitics that … it kinda gets annoying doesn’t it? Well, why not educate ourselves about it. A year ago Kali Tribune presented “A Pocket Euro-Atlantist Dictionary” which served to clarify some terms used by Eurocrats, NATO, American think tanks and other annoying entities. Now we’ll push further and turn our focus into opposite direction. 
We hereby present “A Pocket Eurasianist Dictionary”. It may seem like an opposite to previous one but, ask yourselves: can two dictionaries really be opposite? And, consequently, can the two ideological monstrosities contained therein be all that different?

Geopolitics (ad. geopolitical) – A way to express in a single word that no matter what happened, you have it figured out already.

Geopolitical analyst – Blogger who gets geopolitics.

Geopolitical analysis – A text beginning with an image of pipeline, Vladimir Putin, explosion or military airplane and the phrase “Euro-Atlantist bloc is pushing to …”. It ends with “… it remains to be seen how the Russia will react”.

Geopolitical expert –  Geopolitical analyst with glasses or Geopolitical Santa Clause (see below).
Geopolitical prediction – Opposite of what we’ll likely happen in the future. Rarely fails, especially if done by Amero-Russian geopolitical analyst quoting Russian geopolitical expert or Geopolitical Santa Clause.

Geopolitical outcome – Man has to do what the man has got to do.

Geopolitical situation in Balkan – Opposite of actual geopolitical situation in Balkan.

Geopolitical destiny – A global order where everyone is forced to watch as Alexander Dugin does weather forecast every day and gets it wrong each time in order to get it right in the fullness of time.

Geopolitics of the Great game – Geopolitical analysts peeping through the keyhole at the TV show presenting B grade actors playing the game of Monopoly and quoting geopolitical experts
Geopolitical awareness – Ability to shout “false flag!” when turning on the News, before catching a breath.

Geopolitical implications of a historical event (cca XVII Century onwards) – “CIA faked it!”
Geopolitics of sexuality – Big is beautiful.

Geopolitical twist – Trump dupes the geopolitical analysts.

Geopolitical shout – “Neocons made him do it!”

Geopolitical regret – Somebody searching the way back machine for geopolitical analyst’s prediction.

Geopolitical Santa Clause – Alexander Dugin in your chimney.

Geopolitical gamble – Human being or group thereof exercising free will.

Geopolitical disaster – Successful geopolitical gamble.

Geopolitical necessity – Successful prediction of geopolitical expert which is as a rule an opposite of what will really happen, but firmly based on historical facts that are also an opposite of what actually had happened.

Geopolitical multipolarity – Global Eurasian Empire with Russia at the center. The only space big enough to fulfill Russian historical destiny of being the Messianic people, but at the same time restraining themselves from annoying anybody or, God forbid, running armored vehicles through someone else’s backyard. For this purpose “strategic nuclear arsenal should be developed at the expense of other branches of military” (Dugin, “Elements of Geopolitics”).

Geopolitical New Jerusalem – see Geopolitical Multipolarity.

Geopolitical expansion – The right of every civilization to be re-civilized by Russian civilization (A. Dugin, “Elements of Geopolitics”).

Geopolitical rimland – If you’re there, you’re fucked.

Geopolitical eschatology – Battle of sand and muddy waters (gave birth to all world religions, cultures, etc.)

Geopolitical endkampf – World conflict over what is better: to stick your head in the sand or in the sea water.

Geopolitical devil – Georgy Soros. In the wake of Geopolitical endkampf he’ll be blown away by one breath from Vladimir Putin’s mouth.

Geopolitical angel – The guy who can look Vladimir Putin face to face without blinking for protracted period of time.

Geopolitical pain in the ass – Man who cannot utter anything without saying that something is “geopolitical”. Most likely, he never heard the word before he turned on the RT.

Geopolitical Orthodox: Western Orthodox Christian, newly converted, cites Patristics a lot, mercilessly hunts down heresies which are found everywhere except in the works of Geopolitical Santa Claus.

Geopolitical Byzantine: Geopolitical Orthodox who is convinced that Putin’s Russia is a continuation of the Byzantine/Tzarist Imperial Tradition.

Breath-taking Geopolitical Byzantine: Geopolitical Byzantine who has no qualms to include even some historical portions of the Soviet Union in the continuation scheme cited above.
Geopolitical Mileniarist: The one eagerly awaiting the Geopolitical Endkampf.

Geopolitical anti-spectacle showman: Geopolitical expert who posts pictures with Dugin holding a missile launcher on his shoulders all the while claiming that he is against something he calls “the endless spectacle” which will apparently end soon.

Endless spectacle: A spectacle which is not geopolitical i.e. Dugin is not the main actor.
Geopolitical occamist: One for whom is obvious that everything related to Putin, Trump etc. is to be taken at face value, all the while anything in the other camp is psychological conditioning and media manipulation.

Geopolitical insider: one who has inside news about what’s happening in Russia- he takes it from RT, which using the formula of the Geopolitical Occamist is most certainly reliable first-hand information.

Geopolitical Numerologist: One who holds that the 4th PT is the final revelation before the Geopolitical Eschaton (since 1+2+3+4=10, so after the 4th anything else is redundant).

Geopolitical Heretic: one who is uninitiated in the geopolitical numerology and foolishly asks why a 4th ideology wouldn’t be followed by a 5th, 6th and so on down the indefinite numerical line…

Branko Malić/Mihai Marinescu

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The Path of Blame

Always make sure you have some mud on your clothes so that the world doesn't love you and the devil cannot use that love to trap you ~ Sakura No Ame

Monday, 17 April 2017

Revealing the secrets of one of Australia’s worst online trolls

" ...what makes Nathaniel Jacob Sassoon Sykes particularly unusual is that, despite his neo-Nazi persona, he himself is a Jew..."


Revealing the secrets of one of Australia’s worst online trolls

In a ramshackle inner Sydney boarding house, surrounded by his collection of Adolf Hitler dolls, a 48-year-old unemployed neo-Nazi plies his trade as one of Australia's most aggressive online trolls.
Nathan Sykes - a former journalist and bankrupt - has spent much of the past few years under various pseudonyms harassing and baiting left-wingers and Muslim activists through social media, and writing anti-Semitic articles on neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer.
Extremist and online troll Nathan Sykes (in front) and chairman of the Australia First party, Jim Saleam (behind) ... Extremist and online troll Nathan Sykes (in front) and chairman of the Australia First party, Jim Saleam (behind) attending Melbourne Magistrates Court in March, 2017, to support Christopher Shortis, who faced charges over a mock beheading to protest against the Bendigo mosque. Photo: Twitter
"When do you envisage and [sic] end to the Jew privilege that vilifies White males on a daily basis?" he wrote in a Twitter post in January last year.

Sykes is also a member of the far-right political party Australia First and a devotee of its shadowy leader, convicted fraudster Jim Saleam.
Nathan Sykes with unidentified men in Papua New Guinea in about 2012. Nathan Sykes with unidentified men in Papua New Guinea in about 2012. Photo: Supplied But what makes Nathaniel Jacob Sassoon Sykes particularly unusual is that, despite his neo-Nazi persona, he himself is a Jew.

Sykes was born in December 1968. Virtually everything else about his upbringing is shrouded in mystery and he has gone out of his way through pseudonyms to obscure his identity.

But Fairfax Media can now reveal that Sykes is part of an international network of trolls, and has been crucial in the campaigns to vilify a number of high-profile Australians, including Racial Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, Muslim activist Mariam Veiszadeh and Guardian journalist and left-wing commentator Van Badham.

100% Home Girls

Sykes, who declined through an intermediary to speak to Fairfax Media, was, in the mid-2000s, editor of 100% Home Girls, a soft-porn magazine published by Australian Consolidated Press.
Jim Saleam (left) and Nathan Sykes in Sydney
Jim Saleam (left) and Nathan Sykes in Sydney Photo: Supplied

But he had already by then developed a strong interest in Nazi paraphernalia.

"He would keep Hitler dolls on his desk, and play German marching band music. He even tried to do a Hitler doll giveaway in the magazine, but he was stopped and disciplined by management," a former colleague told Fairfax Media.

"We all thought it was strange that this Jewish bloke was running around with these crazy right-wing ideas."

In 2008 Sykes was retrenched. In October 2013, he sought the protection of a bankruptcy claim after being unable to pay bank and credit card debts of $39,000. Bankruptcy documents show that, three days after Christmas in 2012, he had even drawn $6934 from his superannuation account.
Sykes describes himself in the documents as a "journalist/sub-editor", with a business as a "casual writer".

Part of his written output at the time was a 2012 self-published novel, Stuck Forever in the Throat of Society, about the life of a former pulp magazine editor who lost his job after being persecuted for his affinity with Nazi dolls, and who lived alone in a rooming house.

In one passage from the book, Sykes wrote: "If I didn't have trolling, I'm sure I'd be crouched on a rooftop with a sniper's rifle popping rounds into the ant-like, sheepish f#@kers on the street below".
Former colleagues from ACP say the name of the book's lead character, Stanley Dangerfield, had come from his days at the magazine.

'We gave him that name," a former staff member said.

When Sykes later took to expressing his views on Twitter, one of his pseudonyms became "Stan Dangerfield".
Sykes as Stan Dangerfieldon Twitter Sykes as "Stan Dangerfield" on Twitter Photo: Twitter
Another alias is "Hamish Patton", the name Sykes uses when he writes for the notorious website Daily Stormer.

The American-based site which takes its name from the Nazi era publication Der Stürmer attracts up to 70,000 unique visitors a day and is the best-read English language neo-Nazi website in the world
according to a recently published report by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

The site operates what they call a "Troll Army", which is used to launch campaigns online to smear and harass opponents.

Unmasking two trolls

In 2015, a Fairfax Media investigation revealed that notorious online Islamic State supporter "Australi Witness" was in fact a young Jewish man called Joshua Goldberg. At the time of his unmasking, Goldberg was allegedly trying to provoke jihadist bombings from his computer in a basement bedroom of his parents' house in Florida.

He is now in a US prison facing terror charges.

But it was Goldberg who told Fairfax Media that he had introduced Sykes to the Daily Stormer in early 2015. Goldberg offered to publish Sykes' writing under his own Nazi pseudonym, "Michael Slay".

According to Goldberg, the pair had previously met on Stormfront, a long established neo-Nazi forum, and had formed a close online friendship. Between them, the pair cooked up a trolling campaign against Ms Veiszadeh, a lawyer and Muslim activist.

The 2015 campaign was motivated by Ms Veiszadeh's opposition to a Cairns Woolworths store selling a singlet adorned with the Australian flag and the words, "Love it or Leave". Her campaign prompted a vicious online backlash from "nationalists", who started threatening her.
Police ultimately tracked down one of these people, arresting and charging a Brisbane woman over the harassment.

Two days after the arrest, an article on the subject appeared on the Daily Stormer. It was written by Sykes, but published under Goldberg's pseudonym, "Michael Slay".

The article revealed Ms Veiszadeh's personal details, including phone numbers and a former residential address, and urged the "troll army" to attack her. Ms Veiszadeh later received a call from a former neighbour informing her that bacon had been left at the door.

The campaign received international coverage by outlets such as CNN. Seemingly eager to claim credit, Sykes momentarily dropped his guard.

On the day the Brisbane woman was to appear in court, Sykes posted another attack against Ms Veiszadeh, this time using his real name. The article has since been deleted from the Daily Stormer website, but remains available on web archives.

Perhaps realising he was putting himself at risk of criminal prosecution, the offending article was quickly updated to reflect Sykes' new persona, "Hamish Patton". Sykes told Goldberg he had been forced to adopt the pseudonym to evade detection by Australian authorities.
Article byline changed to Hamish Patton Article byline changed to Hamish Patton. Photo:
Ms Veiszadeh told Fairfax Media's Daily Life that the trolling had made her "physically sick", and that she was living at the time in a state of "fear" and "paranoia".

"I remember … feeling like someone was hunting me down," she said.

On the day the Brisbane woman was sentenced to 180 hours' community service, Sykes published another article, this time under the name "Hamish Patton", entitled, "Mariam's 'Rag Head' Harasser Sentenced to 180 Hours Community Service".

"The only thing we can truly hope for - aside from a serious car accident, death by stroke or tumour, a freak lightning strike, spontaneous combustion, or being swallowed up by a sinkhole and never heard from again - is that [Ms Veiszadeh] is being genuine about all these mean comments affecting her emotionally," Sykes wrote.

"With a little bit of a psychological push, by cleverly using a carriage or service, it just might be possible to drive her over the edge … Be mean to Mariam. Make it a mini-mantra."

Dr Soutphommasane became the target of another relentless campaign starting in 2015 that Sykes dubbed "Operation Filthy Chink Rat". It began after the commissioner took a strong stance on the rise of white supremacist groups in a speech delivered to the National Press Club in Canberra, on the 40th anniversary of the enactment of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Blog posts, doctored images and articles produced by Sykes depict Dr Soutphommasane as a "filthy, MSG riddled rodent".
Nathan Sykes Daily Stormer article on Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane. Nathan Sykes' Daily Stormer article on Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane. Photo: Facebook
Dr Soutphommasane declined to comment on the campaign against him.

Sykes also regularly targets journalists, such as Guardian columnist Van Badham, whom he labelled a "Commie bush pig".

"Let's get to work, Stormer Troll Army," Sykes wrote of Badham in 2015.

"This over-starched suffragette is so full of herself that she's all over social media. It's time for reality to punch an iron fist through the communist fantasy," he wrote, going on to provide details of her social media accounts.

That campaign led to Badham being inundated with online abuse.

Badham said incitement over the internet could be dangerous in the real world. "What we learnt from
Joshua Goldberg is that there are people out there who can be persuaded to act out the threats."

Goldberg also revealed Sykes' obsession with Hitler dolls.

In October 2015, using the "Patton" pseudonym, Sykes wrote an article on the Daily Stormer about German footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger, who had sued a European doll company for appropriating his likeness. Eager to show off his own collection, Sykes posted a photo with the caption "Hamish Patton's personal collection of DID [sic] figures".
A collection of Nazi dolls owned by Nathan Sykes Source: A collection of Nazi dolls owned by Nathan Sykes. Source:
At a similar time, Sykes also published a series of videos on YouTube under the name "United Nationalists Australia", in which he showed off the dolls while dressed in an SS hat and fake beard and calling himself "Adolf Gadaffi".

Sykes later attempted to delete the video.

Images obtained by Fairfax Media, which we have chosen not to publish, confirm that the video was filmed inside Sykes' inner Sydney apartment.

Asked if they were investigating Sykes, the Australian Federal Police said it "does not confirm or deny who it may or may not be investigating", but did note they move on political extremists at the point when "extremist views become actions that are illegal".
See blog post below Denis Giron: Dugin's NYC bedfellow

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Denis Giron: Dugin's NYC bedfellow

This is Denis Giron. I've known Denis virtually online since 1999 when he used to attack assorted American Muslims on USENET groups -- and one in particular calling himself MrMahdi on talk.religion.bahai. Denis made a name for himself for a while among the New Atheist and NeoCon crowd as a Muslim apostate becoming the golden boy of "Ibn Warraq" (albeit the sincerity of Denis' original conversion is now quite questionable). Denis' account of his "apostasy" from Islam was published in a chapter of one of Ibn Warraq's books. Denis also ran a site on geocities called FreethoughtMecca where he ridiculed most of the Abrahamic religions, with his exclusive focus being on Islam:

One of the postings on the FreethoughtMecca site is the following: THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF BAHA'U'LLAH where Denis basically rehashes uncritically the AngloZionist propaganda talking-points regarding the Baha'i cult: talking points which were later verbatim repeated by both Pamela Geller as well as Robert Spencer of JihadWatch. The Geller/Spencer crowd benefited from Giron's online work (which they have actually quoted on occasion) as did the alias "Ali Sina" (an Iranian Baha'i living in Toronto, Canada) of the site FaithFreedom.Org. Geller, Spencer, "Ali Sina" and "Ibn Warraq" are four of the most eminent, active names of the North American Islamophobia industry scene: individuals connected directly to a variety of NeoCon hacks, think-tanks and lobbies, not to mention the far-right of Israeli politics itself. Note that Giron signs his post linked above under the name 'Abd'ul-Bab as-SAHYUNI (meaning: "servant of the Gate, the Zionist"). Whatever he may claim now in his own defense regarding that piece, humor, slapstick and irony does not preclude truth or fact. Giron is clearly a Baha'i apologist. Giron's post above has also been included on an official Baha'i site, here showing that the Baha'is themselves take Giron's work seriously.

These days Denis Giron is active with the Duginists on Facebook -- and probably beyond it as well. He is a member of Joaquin Flores and James Porrazzo's the Center for Syncretic Studies and regularly posts on the FB page of left-brown Duginist Navid Nasr. Denis is also on record claiming that he is on the payroll of the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev (the chairman of Tsargrad TV and president of the Duginist think-tank 'the Katehon'), also see this post

This TRB post from 2001 is also quite an eye opener, among other things, revealing Giron to have spent six months in prison and to have once impersonated himself as a neo-Nazi:!searchin/talk.religion.bahai/freethought$20denis$20giron|sort:relevance/talk.religion.bahai/Fm2wQAvdIeQ/LfuFR_Y19lEJ

See also his profiles as Abdul-Khinzeer Kalb'ullah (meaning "Servant of the Pig, the Dog of God") and Free Thought.

I have also been told, although I am still in the process of verifying this last tidbit of information, that Denis Giron is connected to the NY Chabad, i.e. the Lubavitcher's (who maintain a quite cozy relationship with Putin and the same circles of Kahanist ultra-Zionists that Dugin does), even though these days he also asserts that he has shed his New Atheism and is now a faithful Roman Catholic believer. His wife was also apparently at one point an employee at the NYC offices of AIPAC, and Denis himself claims to work for the UN:

Any questions? See also the next post above on this blog or, alternatively, this article.

Some nugget quotes from Dugin's FOUNDATIONS OF GEOPOLITICS

Translations courtesy of Branko Malić of the Kali Tribune from the Serbian edition:


…It is also important (...) to enforce the role of "sacrificial lamb" on Turkey, because the interests of that nation in the Caucuses and Central Asia should not be taken into consideration at all. Moreover, it should probably be good to support Kurdish separatism in that country ~ Aleksandr Dugin, THE FOUNDATIONS OF GEOPOLITICS, Serbian edition, page 214.

Multipolar disorder

"Above all stands the Orthodox self-consciousness of the Nation as a Church, then the wholeness and unity of Russian ethnic organism consisting not only of presently existing demographics, but also of ancestors and future generations and, only as the last of all, the survival of concrete person as an autonomous particle (...) The people should be inseminated with an idea that every family, by bearing a Russian child, participates in the National Mystery (...) The children should be understood as national property, as the physical expression of the inner energy of Great People. The Russian child should primarily be understood as a Russian and only secondarily as a child ~ Aleksandr Dugin, THE FOUNDATIONS OF GEOPOLITICS, 5.2. Russian nationalism - Ethnic demography and the Empire, Serbian edition, pg. 223 - 224

The Eurasian project (..) presupposes Eurasian expansion into Central America in order to divorce it from the control of the North (...) as well as inciting all kinds of instability inside the borders of USA (here the political forces of Afroamerican racists can be relied upon) ~ Aleksandr Dugin, Elements of Geopolitics, 4.5. The Empire of many Empires, pg. 218

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The Baha'i (not Jewish) background of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

 احمدي باي باي

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran's most loyal GAZPROM employee given all the money he received from them for his "revolution" to keep Russian influence there ~ an Israeli minder to a group of Israeli teenagers making the mandatory ideological pilgrimage to Auschwitz to the brother of a friend of mine (see also,
In 2009, on the basis of some controversy within Iran following the post-election fracas of that year, the Western press began publishing reports about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's purported "Jewish background." This information was soon debunked, though. Here are two links to the stories at the time:

However, on the basis of discussion and analysis on the Facebook wall of Iranian historian and scholar Abdollah Shahbazi, which he later collated into a single blog post, it appears that the real pre-Muslim pedigree of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's family is not Jewish at all. Rather he may actually hail from a Baha'i family from Sangsar (in Semnan province). I give a translation of the key passage below and quote the whole Persian section (below it) closing the blog post:

In Sangsar, due to the vast population of Baha'is inhabiting it, after the Revolution it was renamed "Mehdishahr." Approximately 46 families live there, the most famous among them being the Yazdani family...There are other families as well, such as the Saburghian, Qale'bani, Derakhshani, Aqdasi, Rabbani, Shahriyari, Kasa'iyan, Nurani, Hedayati and others... According to the paternal cousins of Ahmadinejad, as related to Robert Tait, "due to religious and economic reasons" the father and paternal uncles of Ahmadinejad changed their family name from Saburghian to the last names of "Ahmadinejad," "Shah Husayni," "Mohseni," "Borumand" and other names... 

«در حوالي سمنان شهري است زيبا با نام سنگسر که ايلات مختلفي درآن حوالي ‏گوسفندداري و فرشبافي مي‌کنند و طايفه‌اي از آنان صباغيان است که در ‏سمنان، شهميرزاد و گرمسار و آرادان و صد البته سنگسر زندگي مي‌کنند. ميرزا ‏احمد صباغيان، پدر محمود و داوود و امير و پروين و... در آرادان به دنيا آمد. او که ‏از رمه و پشم و کرک و چله و... فرار کرد، هيچگاه شغل صباغي را بر نگزيد و ‏هميشه پيشه‌وري ساده بود‏...» [+]
در سنگسر، که به علت کثرت جمعيت بهائي و شهرت آن به اين عنوان پس از انقلاب «مهدي شهر» نام گرفته، حدود 46 طايفه زندگي مي‌کنند که معروف‌ترين آن‌ها يزداني است به اين دليل که هژبر يزداني از طايفه فوق بود. طوايف ديگري هم هستند مثل همين صباغيان، قلعه باني، درخشاني، اقدسي، رباني، شهرياري، کسائيان، نوراني، هدايتي و غيره. حال، چرا، طبق گفته عموزادگان احمدي‌نژاد به رابرت تيت، پدر و عموهاي احمدي‌نژاد «به دلايل ديني و اقتصادي» نام فاميل خود را از صباغيان به اسامي چون احمدي‌نژاد و شاه حسيني و محسني و برومند و غيره تغيير داده‌اند، پرسشي است که بايد از خود آن‌ها پرسيد. اين «دلايل ديني و اقتصادي» چه بوده؟
به اين ترتيب، متوجه شدم چرا مهدي خزعلي جنجال «سبورجيان» را راه انداخت. نمي‌دانم داستان را گرفتيد يا نه؟ يعني با جنجال سبورجيان، خزعلي کاري کرد که هرگونه تحقيق ‏درباره منشاء خانوادگي احمدي نژاد لوث شود و کسي نپذيرد و بگويند: آقا، اين بازي‌ها را قبلاً هم راه انداخته‌اند.‏ و جالب است که همه جا اين سبورجيان را به من منتسب مي‌کردند که شهبازي گفته نام فاميل قبلي احمدي نژاد سبورجيان و يهودي بوده است. من سه بار تکذيب کردم در سايتم.
پيشنهاد مي‌کنم دوستان ابتدا مقاله وبلاگم را، مورخ 13 مهر 1388، بخوانند که عنوانش اين است: «شهبازي و معماري
 سبورجيان» [+] و سپس توضيحات تکميلي بالا را يک بار ديگر مرور کنند. تصوّر مي‌کنم ابهامي باقي نخواهد ماند

Now, why is this information significant? It is significant because it may go far in explaining some of the weird anomalies that occurred during Ahmadinejad's eight year presidency that seriously destabilized Iran, and especially the confrontation that occurred between him and the system in 2011 which nearly saw his administration impeached and removed from office by the Iranian Majlis. It should be noted that in the Persian language Telegram posting (following my own Facebook post) from Wednesday 12th of April 2017, scholar Koroush Aliyani (a principalist) outright accuses Ahmadinejad of being both a Baha'i as well as a sleeper agent for the Israeli Mosad.

Be that as it may, it needs to be underscored that before the Revolution in 1979, Sangsar was known for its nearly exclusive Baha'i population. There were no Jews in Sangsar, and barely any Muslims either. Furthermore, anyone originating in Sangsar before 1979, and then later changing their last name for "religious and economic reasons," is a near certain indication that their original social and religious pedigree was as Baha'is, and not as either Jews or Muslims.


FROM TWO FACEBOOK POSTS (13 April 2017 and 14 April 2017)

For all of you non-Iranian fans of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who have neither any real understanding of Iranian politics nor any immediate connections to it: Ahmadinejad is one of the most divisive figures in the whole Iranian political landscape and he has openly defied the Leader of the Islamic Revolution by throwing in his name as a presidential candidate because he was explicitly advised by Siyyid Ali Khamenei not to run in September last year <>. While foreign forces indeed meddled with the post-election fracas of 2009, it was the criminally irresponsible and clumsy manner in which Ahmadinejad's interior ministry dealt with the vote tally and early count during the immediate hours after the polls closed that brought Iran nearly to the point of civil war for weeks afterwards. But this isn't the first instance Ahmadinejad has openly defied the Leader: he also defied Ayatollah Khamenei and the Majlis in 2011 over his son-in-law Rahim Mashaei, not to mention graft and corruption charges, and his administration came inches to being impeached and removed from office. Many of you drooling Indo-Pakistani and Lebanese fans of this guy either don't know these things or simply don't care.

That aside, Ahmadinejad and his cronies are corrupt to their marrow and nearly destroyed Iran's economy with massive graft, exorbitant pork barrels and unjustified subsidies to their own immediate constituency during the eight years he was in office. To add insult to injury, some of the officials in the Ahmadinejad administration walked away as multi-millionaires in 2013 when he left office and Rouhani took over. And did I mention that the worst of the sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program happened because of the specific recklessness of Ahmadinejad?

On top of this, Ahmadinejad is openly allied with Aleksandr Dugin and the Russians, and has all kinds of malevolent fascists and neo-Nazi scum as his supporters and best friends. Add to that the fact that (instead of a Jewish family background as once erroneously claimed) Ahmadinejad's father was originally a Baha'i cultist from Semnan province -- and specifically allied to the Sangsari Baha'i mafia of Hozhabr Yazdani (also see, His father converted to Islam from Bahaism. Be that as it may, given that the Baha'is have a long term agenda of infiltrating and destroying the Iranian state; and given how much the Likkudnik-Chas Zionists love Ahmadinejad; it is not out of the realm of possibility that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in fact Iran's Baha'i Manchurian candidate. His nearly catastrophic eight years at the helm indicates he may be, and if he gets in again the Iranian state will certainly be dealt a mortal blow: something both the Russians and Trump actually want (not to mention that the destruction of the Iranian state is the wet dream of the Zionists), which is probably one of the underlying reasons why Aleksandr Dugin and the Russians have urged Ahmadinejad to openly defy Ayatollah Siyyid Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and run again.

Now, when a NYC based professional social media troll for hire such as Denis Giron -- a sayanim Zionist; a dyed in the wool Islamophobe with longstanding connections to both the NeoCon literary Islamophobia as well as New Atheist scenes with figures such as Ibn Warraq; whose wife was once an employee of the NYC offices of AIPAC; someone openly connected to the Baha'is; and an openly confessed agent of Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev (i.e. the investor, chairman and president for both Tsargrad TV and the Duginist think-tank the Katehon) (see screenshot below) -- is openly promoting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and attacking me, it is time for people who haven't already done so to reconsider from top to bottom what Ahmadinejad is really all about and who those forces really are behind the scenes who would benefit from Ahmadinejad's re-ascendency.

Finally, I mention here that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is related through his father to both Parviz Sabeti (the notorious former deputy head of the Shah's SAVAK) as well as the late Dr Abdolkarim Ayadi, i.e. the Shah's personal physician (see also!topic/talk.religion.bahai/swCq5KRrsOk).

Telegram (page of Koroush Aliyani): Wednesday, 14 April 2017

 کورش علیانی

تا امروز گفتن این تحلیل که بارها به جزئیاتش اشاره‌های گذرا کرده بودم می‌توانست هزینه‌هایی حتی قضایی برای من به بار بیاورد. امروز دیگر واضح و راحت می‌گویم. و برایم روشن است که این گفتن هزینه‌های زیادی خواهد داشت؛ از جمله‌ی این هزینه‌ها بدبینی دیگر اصلاح‌طلبان به من است و نیز این که گروهی که مدتی است آنان را بنی تل‌آویو می‌نامم بعد از این من را هدف خود می‌بینند و هر بلایی که بتوانند به سرم خواهند آورد.
برای من هیچ تردیدی نیست که محمود احمدی‌نژاد در سال ۱۳۸۴ مردی بود بی هیچ سابقه‌ی سیاسی که دلالان و واسطه‌های طماعی مانند چمران او را باد کردند و بالا بردند تا به هر شکل هست از او رجل سیاسی بسازند و در انتخابات عَلَمش کنند و کردند. موجودی که در انتخابات مجلس در شهر تهران رای نیاورده بود به یاری تکیه‌ی هوشمندانه بر ضعف بینش و تبلیغات تکنوکرات‌ها، اصلاح‌طلب‌ها و دیگران توانست یک‌شبه تمام فریادهای نشنیده‌ی به حاشیه رانده شدگان سیاست را رای کند و به سبد خود بریزد. کسانی که هر بار سخنرانی‌های شیک مسئولان و آمارهای تر و تمیز و گزارش‌های «شهر در امن و امان است» را می‌دیدند به حق یا به نا حق گمان می‌کردند «این با زندگی من نمی‌خواند» اما نه تریبونی داشتند و نه بیانی که بتوانند این را بگویند و حالا می‌دیدند یکی آمده که حرفشان را می‌گوید.
شعارهای احمدی‌نژاد را کنار بگذارید. به عملکردش نگاه کنید. عملکردش چه بوده است؟ او بی تردید و بی خطا تمامی زیرساخت‌های کشور را در حد توانش و بیش از حد توانش نابود کرد. او سازمان برنامه و بودجه را از میان برد و به قول خودش برنامه را به یک دفترچه‌ی ۴۰برگ تقلیل داد. به این شیوه بی‌نظمی و فساد اقتصادی را ارتقایی سریع و یک شبه بخشید. او بنیان‌های آموزش عالی را از میان برد و با تزریق حجم عظیمی بورسیه‌ی بی‌سواد و دادن مجوز به نهادها و موسساتی که برای اعطای دیپلم هم شایسته نبودند آموزش عالی را به نابودی کشید.
بی‌نظمی‌های اقتصادی او دخل همه را آورد. جنازه‌ها بود که روی هم ریخت. از محمدعلی موسی‌خانی در صنایع غذایی بگیر تا فلان کشاورز ناشناس همه زیر چرخ اقتصاد تانکی-بانکی و پرفساد احمدی‌نژادی از میان رفتند و له شدند. من قطعا شایستگی آن را ندارم تا گزارش ویرانی‌های ۸سال ریاست جمهوری او را بنویسم. امید که بعدها بنویسند.
و در سیاست خارجی احمدی‌نژاد نه قدمی به نفع ایران برداشت و نه قدمی به نفع روسیه، چین یا حتی آمریکا. او تنها و تنها، و همیشه و بی استثنا در عمل آب به آسیاب یک رژیم ریخت، اسرائیل. و حتی دقیق‌تر، او حتی حافظ منافع اسرائیل هم نبود، حافظ منافع شخص نتانیاهو بود.
در زمانی که برای اولین بار تمام کشورهای اروپایی آماده‌ی اعمال تحریم‌های جدی اقتصادی بر اسرائیل بودند او با یک سخنرانی چند دقیقه‌ای که ظاهرا علیه اسرائیل بود اسرائیل را و نتانیاهوی ابله را نجات داد.
آیا سندی در دست است که او عامل سرویس جاسوسی خارجی‌ای است؟ نه. و معمولا سرویس‌های جاسوسی اسناد عامل در صحنه‌ی خودشان را منتشر نمی‌کنند. آیا این تحلیل عاقلانه نیست که او یک سره در خدمت اسرائیل بوده است؟ بسیار عاقلانه است به گمان من.
از جمله طرح‌های احمدی‌نژاد برای نابودی زیرساخت‌ها ماجرای سال ۸۸ یا عنوان حالا دقیق‌ترش فتنه‌ی ۸۸ بود. به گمان من او و زیردستانش در سال ۸۸ با دادن اطلاعات خطا به خورد ما به ما باوراندند که تقلب (رای‌گردانی در صندوق) انجام شده است (که احتمالا هم شده بود) و باوراندند که تقلب در نتیجه موثر بوده است (که احتمالا و با توجه به تخلف‌های پیش از انتخابات این درست نبود و تقلب اثری روی نتایج نداشت). به این شکل نیروهای تحول‌خواه و به طور خاص اصلاح‌طلبان حامی موسوی و کروبی را به خیابان‌ها گسیل کردند، بازی‌ای که به گمان من متاسفانه موسوی و کروبی نیز در آن افتادند و اردوکشی خیابانی آغاز شد.
احمدی‌نژاد در این میان هزینه‌ای نمی‌داد. هیچ دستوری علیه معترضان صادر نکرد و تنها به خس و خاشاک خواندنشان کفایت کرد. آن که باید هزینه‌ی مقابله با اعتراضات خیابانی را می‌داد اولا معترضانی بودند که با یکی از سخت‌ترین برخوردهای ممکن مواجه می‌شدند و پس از آن سپاه، نیروی انتظامی و رهبر انقلاب بودند که این هزینه‌ها را می‌دادند.
عده‌ای جان دادند، کسانی مجروح شدند. کسانی زندان رفتند. کسانی مجبور به ترک وطن شدند و در این میان احمدی‌نژاد - چنان که امروز دیگر خیلی واضح نشان داد - در پی بازی بعدیش بود. او دنبال این بود که با یک چرخش عده‌ای از ساده‌دل‌ترین معترضان را همراه با نیروهایی ضد نظام —--> ادامه در پست بعد
ادامه از پست قبل —--> مثل جانوران وابسته به رجوی و پهلوی را دور خودش جمع کند و خود را سخنگوی محصوران جا بزند و جنگی خیابانی را علیه رهبر انقلاب سامان بدهد.
بسیاری از معترضان و در میانشان اصلاح‌طلبان حواسشان نبود که نه انتخابات بهانه است و نه اصل نظام نشانه است. حواسشان نبود که وقتی می‌گویند اجرای بلاتنازل قانون اساسی دیگر نمی‌توانند بگویند مرگ بر اصل ولایت فقیه چرا که اصل ۱۱۰ محور قانون اساسی است و مهم‌ترین اصل این قانون و مرگ این اصل مرگ قانون اساسی و نظام است و آغاز جنگ داخلی و تجزیه‌ی ایران.
در این میان تنها چیزی که می‌توانست پتانسیل لیدر شدن احمدی‌نژاد را به طور کامل تخلیه کند، حفظ ارتباط جدی بین او و نظامی بود که اکنون بسیاری از معترضان با آن مانند دشمن خارجی برخورد می‌کردند. این همان کاری بود که با عبارت «نزدیک‌تر» در آن نماز جمعه‌ی تاریخی انجام شد. احمدی‌نژاد کسی شد که از هاشمی هم به رهبر انقلاب نزدیک‌تر است.
این در آن زمان در حکم تخلیه‌ی کامل بار الکتریکی این موجود خطرناک بود و عمل هم کرد. چهار سال دیگر در ویرانی گذشت و من بر خلاف دوستان اصلاح‌طلبم نه در این ایرادی می‌بینم و نه این ایراد را به رهبر نسبت می‌دهم. رهبر چه در دوران هاشمی و چه در دوران خاتمی نیز همین طور پشت سر رئیس جمهور بود و حکمش را با اتکا به رای مردم تنفیذ کرد. هشت سال ویرانی از ۸۴ تا ۹۲ بهایی بود که گروه بالغ‌تر مردم ایران پرداختند تا دموکراسی در این کشور حفظ شود و البته که این حفظ دموکراسی هزینه‌هایی برای کشور و تک تک مردم و نیز برای رهبر داشت.
حالا احمدی‌نژاد به میدان آمده تا با این ثبت نام قسمتی از آن بار الکتریکی را احیا کند و بکوشد جنگی خیابانی علیه رهبر انقلاب راه بیندازد. بی سببی نیست که با کمال وقاحت از ارادتش به سادات و مخالفتش با حصر می‌گوید. این آخرین تلاش برای اجرای فاز آخر مأموریت یک عامل موساد است و عزمی ملی را برای مقابله می‌طلبد.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Hand of the Shekinah (يد السّكينة)

Wahid Azal (c) 2017. Do not share or distribute without permission/and proper acknowledgement.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

گفتگوی با عبدالله شهبازي درباره ترامپ و ایران در اولین روزهای ریاست جمهوری او

My interview (in Persian) with Iranian scholar and historian Abdollah Shahbazi ( on 2 February 2017 about Russia, the early days of the Trump presidency and Trump's belligerent rhetoric against Iran.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Russia suspends Syria flight safety deal with US after missile attack

KALI TRIBUNE Splash of Civilizations: A Prelude to an Analysis of Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”

Geopolitics this, geopolitics that … how come we haven’t heard this tune some – say: fifteen – years ago?
In this podcast we’ll try to make a guess at this, by providing an introduction to pending detailed review of Alexander Dugin’s ominous bestseller “Foundations of Geopolitics – Geopolitical Future of Russia”.
From certain number of passages quoted from the Serbian translation of the book and explained by yours truly, you’ll be able to divine what this “universal science” really is meant for, reassess just why geopolitics became a buzzword in the last few years and certainly understand why Dugin doesn’t get his main work translated into Western languages.
The detailed review of the book is forthcoming. In this podcast we explain the foundations of Dugin’s pseudo-science and it’s subversive character, much of it by using his own words.
(translation used: Alexandar Dugin Osnovi geopolitike – geopolitička budućnost Rusije. Zrenjanin: Ekopres, 2004.)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

PRESS TV: On The News Line, 2 April 2017

My appearance on PRESS TV's On The News Line program (2 April 2017), i.e. "The French political pendulum," talking about the end of Turkey's OPERATION EUPHRATES Shield in Syria @ 12min in.