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Perfidious Albion

Anglo-Saxon culture is indeed exceptional. Because no other culture places economic individualism on a pedestal above everything else. It's a culture that actively promotes an atomised society. Immensely relaxed about the symptoms of this. It sees inequality as a virtue, and a natural form of justice that shouldn't be interfered with. It breaks the culturally universal inter-generational contract - where young looks after old, and vice versa. Its cultural imperialism is the most aggressive in the history of humankind by some distance - and desires the annihilation of all contradictory cultures. It's a culture that preaches tolerance but can't co-exist. It's a culture that, cut to the core, is nihilistic and destructive to humankind, and has no moral narrative. And capitalism is the highest ideological expression of their nihilism~ Stiofan Carthaigh

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