Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Poll Question by Eric Draitser

Poll question...

Which of the following Trump policies that the RT/Sputnik Left promoted vigorously is most likely? 

A. Trump will save Syria
B. Trump will prevent WWIII
C. Trump will roll back NATO
D. Trump will drain the swamp


E. I have a functioning brain and don't pay attention to far right media platforms that are not at all better than US corporate media, even if those platforms have token leftists.

"Are there competing Duginite networks in the U.S.," asks Eric Struch

And the answer is, most definitely, yes, there are.

There is James Porrazzo’s New Resistance (formerly known as the American Front) who is a rival to Matthew Heimbach and his Traditionalist Worker Party who are allied to Arktos, Jorjani and Richard Spencer’s NPI (Spencer: who used to be married to leading North American Duginoid Nina Kouprianova who is allied with New Resistance and its spin-off, the Center for Syncretic Studies, who is probably the FSB handler for all the above). And this is all only in brief, cursory detail.

These multiple and competing American Duginoid centers are part and parcel of the larger strategy of sowing chaos in literally everything (including in the very same white nationalist neo-Nazi groupuscules Dugin and his Kremlin benefactors wish to destabilize North America and Europe with) which RasDugin has spelled out in black and white in his Foundations of Geopolitics as well as the Fourth Political Theory.  

To paid Duginist fascist red-brown infiltration agent Navid Nasr in Belgrade

Nazis and German Russian fascist agents are not "friends" and "comrades," Mr Navid Nasr. New Resistance and its leader is a known quantity to the American Southern Poverty Law Center while the editor of the German Zuerst magazine, which you instance in your latest FB wall rant, is a known quantity to German law enforcement authorities who are itching for any opportunity to swoop down and arrest its editor in chief and charge them under the myriad of Germany's draconian "hate crime" and "incitement to hatred" laws and send them to prison. So I suggest you knock back your paycheck based cockiness a few notches, scumbag, for your friend's sake, at least, lest it come back and bite them in their ass.

People who attempt to recruit others into a refugee and immigrant hatred and racism agenda in order to advance Russian asymmetrical warfare strategies against the German government -- and in so doing deliberately putting vulnerable people in harms way -- are no 'friends', let alone 'comrades'. Such people are opportunist Nazi scum. But thanks for graphically and publicly proving, yet again, the active red-brown strategy of infiltration and Duginist shillery you are a part of in that last rant on your Facebook wall.

Your day is coming, Nasr, and much sooner than you think.  

Ahem *cough*

Now, anyone who thinks Aleksandr Dugin and his networks had nothing to do with the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, just needs to go to this VICE video below (from 10:12/10:15 onward just after David Duke's appearance) to see Mr Matthew Heimbach with their own eyes: Heimbach who is one of Dugin's leading American white nationalist acolytes and führer of the Traditionalist Worker's Party. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Brother Comrade Gauleiter Navidovich

And listen how this Heimbach fawns over his guru RasDugin in the Youtube below:

A Google search of "Matthew Heimbach" and "Dugin" brings up literally thousands of links, here.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Some takeaways from this weekend's events in Charlottesville by Eric Draitser

1. The fascist upsurge that some of us have been talking about for a long time finally reared its ugly head in a public way that no longer can be ignored. For some, my (and others') constant alarms about rising fascism have been a source of irritation as I have made firmly clear that playing footsie with Trump and the far right is a red line.

Again, when discussing the rise of fascism, it must go well beyond the elementary level analysis that some leftists seek to reduce to: "fascists are bad, and so are liberals." This is fundamentally bad analysis which ignores the actually existing political and economic conditions in the US. Instead, we must identify those factors leading to the rise of this fascism AND have the political and organizational will to smash it while its still in its infancy.

2. One point I've reiterated many times in the last 18 months is the fact that Trump is NOT the fascist leader to fear. He is a fascist in his ideological outlook (to the extent he has one), but he is not a fascist leader. Rather, Trump has courted and duped many legitimate fascist formations into supporting him as he has been transformed into the far right Obama, an empty political vessel into which supporters pour their dreams and aspirations irrespective of reality.

No, instead anti-fascists should really ask themselves the following question: What comes next?
Trump is a failed president who will fail further. Eventually, it will be a relatively small segment of the population that supports him (even smaller than the minority that elected him). And while some of the #MAGA believers will bow out of politics, and maybe a handful undergo political transformations as they move left, the majority will be radicalized further right. This means the open embrace of overt fascism.

So what happens when Trump leaves the scene but a burgeoining and growing fascist movement remains? The fascists will be looking and waiting for a political leader. And somewhere, perhaps in some state legislature in Alabama or Michigan, or perhaps the sheriff of some large US city, there is a real, dyed in the wool fascist leader waiting to emerge. He's going to be slicker, more photogenic, more polished, more savvy than Trump. And he won't have some NYC lifestyle with Jewish in-laws and a billion-dollar brand to protect. He'll be the real deal, and he'll inspire the fascists to action in ways Trump simply cannot.

This reality is coming, whether we want to accept it or not. As capitalism continues to collapse further, this is an inevitability. The question before us then is: what will anti-fascist forces do to organize and defend ourselves and our communities? What are we doing right now? Are we where we need to be in terms of organizing for this near future? I can tell you one thing...the fascists are certainly organizing.

3. Our dear comrade Heather Heyer is now a martyr for the cause of anti-fascism. However, there is another, more symbolic meaning to her tragic sacrifice.

As a member of the IWW and Democratic Socialists of America, Heather represented very different political/ideological tendencies on the Left. In many ways she represents the best, and most salient, aspect of Left today: solidarity. She is, in death, a testament to the importance of putting aside sectarian divides in favor of a united pushback against the fascist right.

Remember, that Nazi bastard who plowed his car into a crowd of anti-fascist marchers was not aiming for communists. He was not aiming for anarchists. He was not aiming for Bernie Sanders supporters or Greens. To him, ALL anti-fascist leftists are the same, and all must be targeted. In this way, this murderer illustrated an important lesson for all of us on the Left: ideological differences mean very little when faced with the material reality of fascist violence.

4. I want to reiterate something I've said at times in the last 7 years that have inspired countless arguments with people I know and respect. However, in light of Charlottesville, I'd like to say it again as forcefully as I can.


Naturally, this must be done in an organized way, and no one should give excuses to the State to arrest and lock up comrades. However, there is little doubt (hopefully) now that armed protection against fascists is not only just, it is essential. Anti-fascists must understand the necessity of defending themselves and their families. The march in Charlottesville was not made up of only bandana- and balaclava-wearing revolutionaries. There were young people, elderly, high school students, etc. in that crowd. They will NEVER be protected by the armed functionaries of the state (cops) who, to a troubling extent, are fascists themselves. They deserve protection, and it is up to us to provide it.

5. The rise of the fascist right in the US coincides with the fascist ascendance going on in Europe, and other parts of the world as well. Any forces that are directly supporting/facilitating the rise of the far right have placed themselves squarely in the enemies camp. Recall that the rise of Trump, Le Pen, and Brexit all followed similar trajectories, exploited similar social fissures, and employed similar tactics.

We've watched as fascist parties like Jobbik (Hungary), AfD/PEGIDA (Germany), Sweden Democrats (Sweden), PVV/Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Golden Dawn (Greece), Liga Nord (Italy), Freedom Party/Hofer (Austria), Attack Party (Bulgaria), Serbian Radical Party (Serbia) have grown in recent years. We've seen elsewhere in Asia as India has a fascist-sympathizing president (Hindutva/Modi), and the Philippines with a mass-murdering thug president (Duterte).

What many might not realize is that these political tendencies have been championed as "anti-establishment" by media platforms such as RT and Sputnik which are directly backed by the Russian government. Such politics is propagated by alleged "alternative media" outlets that are directly connected to Russian media (Fort Russ, Katehon, 21st Century Wire, New Resistance, Zuerst!, etc.). Those latter "alt media" sites are directly connected to Russian fascist political operator-cum-philosopher Aleksandr Dugin.

Why do I bring up these last points? Because the Dugin network is in *DIRECT* collaboration with the fascist alt-right that showed itself in Charlottesville. The leading alt-right publishing imprint, Arktos, literally shares its office with Richard Spencer. Jorjani, the little Eichmann who runs Arktos, is a well known fascist whose PhD from SUNY Stony Brook was the subject of controversy after he was outed as a prominent fascist operator.

People need to know this information because the same forces that have backed the rising fascist politics in Europe are doing it in the US. Trump merely enables this, he is not the one responsible for it.
Love and respect to the martyred Heather Heyer, and to every comrade - communists, anarchists, social democrats alike - who took to the streets to confront fascism in the USA.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

How I took down a Duginist alt-right troll

بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم

Verily we have granted thee a conspicuous victory! ~ Qurʾān, 48:1

After vigorously resisting an eighteen month online smear campaign waged by a particularly nasty Duginist alt-right troll and his accomplices, on Friday (11 August 2017) the conflict with this particular troll came to a successful conclusion when after a series of email exchanges –- as a result of this troll’s copyright violation of my intellectual property which Facebook corporation complied with -- the troll in question cornered themselves, got nailed and so finally was forced to capitulate in email and apologize for their behavior.  The capitulation by this troll has not, however, been unconditional because I have made a series of legal demands to them which they have to yet fulfill. For their own sake, and if their counsel is worth their mettle, I suggest they fulfill what I have asked them to do because otherwise the legal repercussions will be quite dire indeed for this idiot.

The dire nature of such legal repercussions is due to the fact that the troll in question has been uncovered to be using their employer’s IP over a period of 18+ months in an orchestrated defamation campaign (as well as blatant violations of my copyright and intellectual property) initiated and orchestrated by online acolytes of the Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin against myself, my family and my friends on Facebook and beyond. The ramifications are huge because during that period of the troll’s activities it makes this major American corporation effectively an agent and accomplice of the interests of the Russian government. Perhaps special counsel Robert Mueller and the grand jury he has empaneled in Washington DC should come and talk to me because this situation sheds clear light on how the Russian government recruits and uses American trolls to do its bidding using American territory and the facilities of American corporations to do so.

Suffice it to say that the troll’s employer is an international company of some renown with representation in Germany where I live and so is liable in law for the actions of its employee. Certainly, and without a shadow of doubt, the troll in question would, at minimum, lose their job, while simultaneously opening themselves up to serious civil litigation by their present employer as well as including perhaps even criminal prosecution.

However, the troll factory of the fascist alt-right based out of the United States needs to learn an important lesson here; and that is, that there are real world consequences for their trolling, defamation and bullying online; that not  everyone is going to  fold and be intimidated by these dumbfucks. Certain people, such as myself, have the ability, the patience, wherewithal and the backbone to go toe to toe with these silly dickheads and beat them at their own game and to a proverbial pulp, especially since cowards hiding behind technology are still and always will be nothing more than just cowards – as the troll in question proved to a moral certainty.

My conflict with the online troll factory of the Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin is far from over. But, rest assured, more and more people have begun joining this fight with me and my comrades, while the wedges pushed against this master of chaos and his deranged acolytes is reaching canyon level proportions, making him and his movement hemorrhage more and more daily – and hopefully in the end, fatally. As such I promise these spineless hipster fascist nimbledicks, that each and every one of their fates will be no different to the troll I just proverbially scalped. Therefore you people now have a clear choice, so listen up: either walk away, cease and desist from any ongoing trolling and defamation or, as sure as the sun rises each day, and as the Master of the Universe is witness, you will suffer the exact same fate (and worse) as your fallen fascist hipster troll comrade here, you dumb chaosophile motherfuckers!

Finally here, I would like to express solidarity with the fallen comrade Heather Hayer in Charlottesville, Virginia. May she rest in power!

The Duginist Troll-Killer and Iranian 'Rob Reiner Dumbledore' signing out!

No power and no strength is there save in God the High, the Mighty!

 لا حول و لا قوّة الا بالله العلي العظيم

An email by the scalped Duginist troll claims to be attending to the legal matter in question. We shall see in 14 days.

Now, Duginists, pay careful heed: throw whoever you want at me among your cyberspace puppets. Incite whoever you want online against me to take over from where this last troll left off. I will take them down as well.

The Dragon with the Name swallows the chaos and obliterates it in the fire of Heaven!